Henry VIII - Король Генри VIII

Henry VIII was one of the most famous English kings. In 1509 he became king at the age of 18, and reigned for 38 years. He was mainly famous for having six wives, two of whom were beheaded.

The first three wives

Henry VIII’s first wife was Catherine of Aragon. Henry divorced Catherine, because she could not give him a son. His next wife was Anne Boleyn, but she seemed to be too interested in other men so the king sentenced her to death. She was beheaded in the Tower of London. Henry’s third wife was Jane Seymour, who died soon after giving birth to her son, Edward VI.

A bad picture

Soon after the king was looking for a new wife again. His advisers suggested Anne of Cleves from Holland. Holbein, the painter, painted a picture of Anne especially for Henry. The picture was very nice, but when Anne arrived in England, she turned out to be extremely ugly. Very soon the king decided on their separation.

The last two wives

Thе next woman in the king’s life was Catherine Howard. Like Anne Boleyn, she was also accused of love affairs with other men and beheaded according to Henry’s order. His last wife was Catherine Parr, who survived him. Henry VIII died in 1547 aged fifty-six.

History - Henry VIII



according to – согласно

advisers - советники

be accused of - быть обвинённым в

be beheaded - быть казнённым

divorce - развод, разводиться

love affair - любовная интрига, роман

marriage - брак

order - приказ s

reign - править, царствовать и

sentence to death - приговаривать кого-л. к смерти

separation -разделение, отделение

survive - пережить

turn out - оказаться

ugly - уродливый



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4.    Was Anne of Cleves as beautiful as in the picture?
5.    Who was the second wife to be beheaded