Мир Диснея - Disney World

Disneyland in LA and Disney World in Orlando, Florida, are the two most important places in the US that every kid dreams of visiting. It is certainly not possible to see and visit everything in these huge parks in one day. Even if you gave yourself one week you would never feel bored. Thanks to the large number of hotels which surround Disney World, it is easy to reach the place in no time at all. The hotels are really gigantic and some of them have various, often fairytale-like names, like the Swan or the Dolphin Hotel. To make it even more magical, there are big swan and dolphin figures on top of the hotels, which only attracts more young visitors.


Theme Parks


Disney World is divided into four theme park areas where you can find absolutely everything. The first one is the Magic Kingdom which - as its name suggests - is devoted to fairy tales. You can also check out Tomorrowland or go and see Frankenstein.


For those keen on films there is Disney’s MGM Studios and for animal lovers - a special Animal Kingdom. There is also Dinoland with dinosaur skeletons and an underwater tunnel where you can watch sharks swim past. These are only some of the attractions which are waiting for you in Disney World, and the best way of checking out the rest is, of course, to go there and j experience it for yourself.



audition - прослушивание
award - награда
be nominated - быть номинированным
dressed as - переодетый
mark - отмечать
masterpiece - шедевр
memorable - незабываемый
perfectly - совершенно, великолепно
remain - оставаться