Christopher Columbus -

Христофор Колумб

Even today there is a big argument between the Italians and the Spanish about Christopher Columbus. Although he was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy, he spent most of his life serving the Spanish Queen and King. That is why both of these countries claim their rights to this famous man.

The big voyage

Christopher Columbus set off in 1492 in search of a shorter route to India but instead discovered some new lands: the Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. Unfortunately, he never found out that he had discovered another continent.

Horses and tobacco

Maybe not many people realize that Columbus was the first person to introduce horses to the New World. In Europe, on the other hand, he introduced tobacco. He saw the Indians use it and decided to bring it home.
Columbus Day
Since 1934, October 12 has been celebrated as Columbus Day in the USA. But not by Native Americans, for whom Columbus is a synonym of racism and oppression. What would Columbus say if he heard that description of himself?

History - Christopher Columbus



although - хотя
argument - аргумент, спор, дискуссия 
celebrate - праздновать, отмечать 
in search of - в поиске 
instead  - вместо этого
on the other hand - с другой стороны 
oppression - притеснение, угнетение 
racism - расизм 
route - маршрут, путь 
tobacco – табак



1. What countries are righting over Columbus?

2. Did Columbus know that he had discovered a new continent?

3. What did he introduce to America?

4. What did he bring to Europe?

5. When is Columbus Day?